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Eartha Dover
Anh Dao Phuoc Nguyen
Marta P. Garcia
Thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Avalon. Van was very helpful and did a great job with my nails (especially my toes as I hadn't had a pedi in a while due to personal reasons). The massager in my chair was a little hard and my back muscles hurt by the time I got home a few hours later. Otherwise, it was an excellent experience.
M G.
Rockville, MD
Great costume service. Automatically offered drinks and help. Lots of workers all very nice. Very beautiful shop in itself and cheapest mani/pedi in the mall!
Chantel E.
Washington, DC
I'm really not sure why this place has such bad reviews. Every time I come here, the staff is always friendly and the place is always clean. I mostly do walk ins and every time I walk in, there is always someone available for a pedicure or manicure. I've even showed up with an emergency nail repair 30 mins before close and I was helped right away. The pedicure chairs are super comfy and I love how my feet feel afterwards.
Georgie K.
Gaithersburg, MD
I needed a place to go for a pedi and acrylic fill because my usual nail tech in Gaithersburg had an emergency. I saw LeAnn. I'm very happy with both the mani and pedi and plan on seeing LeAnn in the future if I need too. I've been here off and on for emergencies over the years when my usual nail ladies are booked, and I have not had a bad experience. The total cost was $63 plus what I tipped. The pic you are seeing....this was a week after they were done, and they still look great!
Rachele D.
Bethesda, MD
I've been coming here for at least eight years for manis, pedis and gel manicures. I honestly have to say I have never had a bad experience. Tammy is fabulous. Today I saw T, she was great. I really like the new remodel. Don't be diacouraged because it's in a mall. This place is clean, oragnized, efficient and reasonably priced. The color selection is great and if you see a color you like they will sell you a new polish for less than you would pay at Ulta.
Natasha S.
Arlington, VA
I'm really surprised to see all of the negative reviews of Avalon! While I've only been a handful of times, I've always been very satisfied with my manicures and pedicures. The staff is very pleasant and there usually isn't a wait. They've recently done renovations, too, so it looks really nice inside. I don't live in Bethesda, but I'm there often to hang out with my bestie, so whenever we go for mani/pedis, Avalon is the place to go!
Jessica S.
Natick, MA
Very good service! They were great! Decently priced. Just hard to find in the mall. They are across from cheesecake factory.
Kelsey L.
Rockville, MD
Kim, the owner, is AMAZING! I am a picky person when it comes to my hair and nail care; I literally shop around until I find the right PERSON, not just the right place. Don't we get gel nails specifically so they won't chip? I've been getting my nails done for about 15 years and never have I been able to go two weeks, let alone three, without at least one nail chipping. Kim is particularly the best kind of perfectionist for my taste; she demands perfection, which I love! If there's anything ever wrong with my nails between appointments, it is entirely my fault! The place is great, plenty of wonderful manicurists to tend to your needs any time of day, with or without an appointment, any day of the week.
Faith U.
Philadelphia, PA
Skeptical at first because of the reviews. However, pleasantly surprised with the customer service and nail work. The customer service was tied to the nail tech (petite, slightly taller than the others, short black hair). Sometimes, you forego reviews and experience something for yourself.
Jackie C.
Gaithersburg, MD
Needed a spur of the moment mani and pedi with my daughter while shopping in the mall. This salon is almost hidden next to the Cheesecake Factory. They have 20 pedi chairs and tons of mani stations. We got the deluxe with scrub, mud and wrap, then lotion. Quick but nice. I would come again. I like the pedicure chairs are blocked odd by a tile wall of water. Very calming.
Ebie B.
Chevy Chase, MD
Good place to get your eyebrows done. Quick and relatively inexpensive. The service can be hit or miss (sometimes they don't speak a lot of English and therefore don't really understand what you are asking them), but overall a good place.
Kate M.
Arlington, VA
I went to Avalon an hour before a job interview when I realized my hands looked like Frankenstein's. They got me painted, dried and paid in 20 minutes, and the (non-gel) manicure held up for almost a week. I'd definitely go back, though I might take a friend to chat with next time as the staff's English proficiency is not tops.
Kendra N.
Bethesda, MD
More private and relaxing than UA nails across the hall in the mall. Open until 9pm or 9:30pm (depending on time of year), so it's perfect for a mom who can't get out during the day. I even had a pretty decent eyebrow wax. No complaints and I usually go across the hall, but figured I would give this nail salon a try, since reviews on yelp were a bit better.
J S.
Silver Spring, MD
Why am I a fan? They take American Express, they don't require persuading in order to care about doing a satisfactory job,they don't tell you what you need done-you tell them:many places offer up additional services by way of putting you down or complimenting you or both. Here's an example: "You need eyebrow done!", "Oh, thick eyebrow...I wax for you" "You have nice nail, no pedi/mani today?". My go to gal is Dina. She does a great job on my eyebrows and I like the way she does my nails. Prompt, efficient, and yes a little of the usual foreign language discussions around me. But I walk in and I walk out a little happier.
Inlovewith Barbaros A.
Rockville, MD
Last week I just went to the nail salon acros this one. They did a terrible job and charged so much so I decided to give this one a try. Mani+pedi here is 48$. Better than paying 41 to UA and then getting your gel broken the next day....
Christine B.
Rockville, MD
I randomly found this place on my lunch break when I was in major need of a quick pedicure and have been coming back ever since. Dawn is amazing and she's the only person I go to. I used to get ingrowns from wearing heels all the time but Dawn is beyond amazing at taking care of them. I've never gotten any services from anyone else here, so I can't speak to how good or bad they are.

If you do come here tip with cash or check. That's the only way to insure the tip is going to the right place.
Penelope W.
Rockville, MD
I have to admit I've gotten good service here. I'm used to going to salons where the technicians don't speak English, so the language barrier isn't an issue. I always use the same 2 ladies and they take good care of me. So unlike everyone else's poor reviews, I've had good experiences here.